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              Halsey Records Beachwood Canyon Sale

              Halsey House Los Angeles
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              • Location: Beachwood Canyon, Los Angeles, Calif.
              • Price: $2.375 million
              • Size: 2,490 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms?

              Mononymous music artist Halsey, nee Ashley Frangipane, has sold her former home in L.A.’s historic Beachwood Canyon. The slightly better than $2.37 million sale price is a tetch under its final ask of not quite $2.4 million and a wee bit above the just over $2.2 million she paid for the boldly contemporary hillside residence a bit more than three years ago. Nestled along a winding road just below the Hollywood Sign, there are three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in the roughly 2,500-square-foot architectural showstopper.

              From the street, the house is discreetly invisible behind a towering hedge and secured entry gates, while remarkably voluminous, multilevel interior spaces feature unusually angled, cotton-white walls, polished concrete floors and muscular, dark-wood beams across soaring ceilings. A massive, TV-surmounted fireplace serves as the focal point of the sunken living room. The sleekly appointed kitchen, with its massive, L-shaped island, is open to a light-filled double-height atrium. A separate dining room includes a marble-topped built-in buffet and an adjoining library nook with wet bar. The airy master bedroom looks out over a forested hillside through a massive, floor-to-ceiling picture window, and the minimalist, poured-concrete bathroom comprises one large wet room tucked up under a pitched roofline with an open, oversized shower area. Outdoor spaces include a terraced patio with a built-in barbecue just beyond the kitchen and a mirror-backed loggia that cantilevers over an infinity-edge swimming pool and spa et against a thick wall of bamboo.

              The property was listed with Josh Myler at The Agency; the buyer was repped by Brian Campbell at Compass.

              The genre-defying singer-songwriter, whose three studio albums, including her latest, “Manic,” released earlier this year, have all been platinum sellers, decamped Beachwood Canyon last year for a more suburban life in the San Fernando Valley, where she plunked down $2.4 million for a meticulously restored and thoroughly updated mid-century residence hidden down a long driveway in the upscale foothills above Sherman Oaks.