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              Meet The VIP Team
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              Andrew Wallenstein President & Chief Media Analyst Andrew Wallenstein has been covering the media business for nearly 25 years and and received the Luminary Award for Career Achievement from the Los Angeles Press Club in 2017.
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              Gavin Bridge Senior Media Analyst Gavin Bridge is a veteran of market research having spent the past decade at Ipsos, LRW and GfK MRI, where he assisted TV networks, studios and streaming services with better understanding the needs of their audiences..
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              Kevin Tran Media Analyst Kevin Tran worked for Business Insider Intelligence, the paid research unit of Business Insider, where his coverage focused on how digital platforms were affecting traditional media.
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              Kaare Eriksen Information Editor Kaare Eriksen was previously a research coordinator for the past two years with Penske Media's Variety Insight division covering television in the U.K. and Canada.
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